QUAD T-Rex Padel Racket

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T-REX adult version is the perfect match for our T-Rex Junior model. Designed to provide greater playability and control on the court. Its construction and raw material used guarantee lightness, resistance, stability and durability to the racket.

Its round shape, with the sweet spot in the center, provides precision and control during the game. It is produced in Portugal, in our QUAD Factory facilities.

Racket Protector Included

All Rackets include our Quad Padel Racket Protector.

Perfect match for our junior racket.

Find greater playability and control on the court with the T-REX Adult Padel Racket. Lightweight, stable, and durable, it's round shape and sweet spot in the center provide precision and control.

Quad T-Rex Padel Racket right side
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Weight Balance

A control-oriented racket in a special delivery that matches our junior racket, ideal to team up with your family.

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Round shape

Round Padel rackets have a circular and symmetrical shape, which increases playability and control. The round shape is generally used by more defensive players, as it allows for greater control in the court.

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Hyper Soft Foam

The production process of a QUAD racket includes its foam, which is completely designed and developed from scratch at QUAD Factory. This is a high-density foam that guarantees greater power.

± 355g

The weight of a padel racket impacts power, stability, and maneuverability. Finding the right weight and balance is a personal decision based on skill level and preferences, with weight distribution also playing a role in performance.


All our padel rackets are built with a carbon frame that combine characteristics such as: Lightness, Resistance, Rigidity, Absorption of Vibrations, Response and Reactivity. These properties contribute to a high-quality racket, providing greater power, control, comfort and durability to the player.

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3k Carbon

K Carbon is a carbon fabric used in the manufacture of Padel rackets that guarantees lightness, resistance, rigidity, vibration absorption and design. It contributes to the low weight of the racket, which allows for greater playability and speed.

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QUAD factory

Crafted with care and precision.

Every racket is made with care and precision at our own factory in Portugal. With skilled craftsmen and advanced technology, we use the finest materials to create visually appealing rackets that perform at the highest level. We take great care in every stage of production, ensuring that each paddle meets our high standards of quality, durability, and reliability.

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