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QUAD is more than just a high-end Padel brand. From our meticulously crafted rackets to our stylish and comfortable clothing, our products are designed to enhance your performance on the court. We believe that padel is more than just a game: it's a way of life that brings people together and inspires them to push beyond their limits. At QUAD, our ultimate goal is to support you every step of the way, from the first serve to the match point, we will be there to help you #PlayLikeAnAnimal.

Created by Padel lovers, for Padel players.

QUAD was founded in 2021 by Vasco Carvalho, a Padel lover who felt that there was no premium brand on the market that responded to the needs of athletes in the sport. From idea to reality, this is how QUAD was born. The entire collection is produced in Portugal, with high quality and durable materials, which guarantee the comfort and practicality that Padel athletes are looking for.

How we get here
Quad Padel Fox Racket

The beginning of the Brand

In June 2020, during the Pandemic, the idea of ​​creating QUAD came up. Vasco Carvalho, a Padel lover, felt that there was no premium brand on the market that would satisfy the needs of the athletes in the sport. Then he begins to take the first steps and brainstorming for the creation of the brand.


One of the main pillars in the launch of this brand was the hiring of the best National Padel players to join the QUAD Team! In December 2020, several contracts with players were closed, namely with Diogo Rocha and Catarina Vilela, the two national Nº1.

The born of the Factory

After a successful year, and several national and international orders, QUAD moves forward with the construction of the QUAD Factory. The first carbon Padel rackets factory in Portugal. In this way we guarantee delivery times and production with quality raw materials.

Quad Padel Rhino Black Edition

Launch of the “Black Edition”

Launch of the “Black Edition” Padel rackets collection, the first carbon Padel rackets produced in Portugal, at QUAD Factory.

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Padel is a worldwide success and the sport that is currently growing the most, adding millions of athletes of all ages, genders and regions. Join us in this passion for Padel, and together, we will take QUAD to every part of the world.

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