Our factory is located in Braga, Portugal, where we proudly produce high quality Padel equipment using the most advanced European production standards. Our mission is to promote sustainability and fair trade practices throughout our supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to the final manufacturing process.

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We build what we love most.

We are an high-end brand in the world of Padel. We craft each racket with meticulous attention to details at our own factory in Portugal. Our mission is to create rackets with a superior performance, using the finest materials and producing with high technology. At QUAD Factory, we have a team of skilled craftsmen that guarantee that each racket meets our elevated standards of quality. A QUAD Padel racket goes throw a process of 12 different stages in the production cycle. Our commitment with innovation and excellence, makes us a trusted choice for Padel players around the world. We are dedicated to delivering products that meet the unique needs of every player, whether professional or amateur.

“The QUAD Factory allows us to produce what we believe are the best Padel rackets on the market!”

Vasco Carvalho - Owner

How we do it


Rackets per month

Currently QUAD Factory produces more than 1000 rackets per month, managing to respond to all national and international orders. Our rackets are handmade, in a process of 12 different stages, guaranteeing a superior quality control and an excellent production.




square meters

Built from scracth

Our rackets are produced from scratch inside the QUAD Factory. Before reaching production, the development of a Padel racket goes through the innovation and design department.

Quad Design Department


The design department takes care of the graphic part of all rackets, using colors, textures and graphic elements that will bring our products to life.

Quad Innovation Department

Innovation Department

With the opening of the QUAD Factory, our Technical and Innovation Department also was created, whose function is to develop and create new products, using the latest technologies and the best raw materials. After the prototype is created, it is tested and sent to our design department.