Padel is a worldwide success and the sport that is currently growing the most, adding millions of athletes of all ages, genders and regions. Join us in this passion for Padel, and together, we will take QUAD to every part of the world.

Official Reseller

Join QUAD and become the official distributor in your country. Assume the brand and be responsible for attracting and retaining clubs and stores, and the distribution of our products.

Point of Sale

Become an official point of sale for QUAD Padel in your country. You are responsible for communicating and promoting the brand in your club or store.

International Commercial

Join our international sales team. Your role is to attract clubs and stores, identify coaches, players and reference influencers in the Padel market to join QUAD.


Let's talk about business

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The Brand

QUAD is more than just a high-end Padel brand. From our meticulously crafted rackets to our stylish and comfortable clothing, our products are designed to enhance performances on the court. We believe that padel is more than just a game: it's a way of life that brings people together and inspires them to push beyond their limits.

The Factory

All of our rackets are made with passion, care and precision at our own factory in Portugal. With skilled craftsmen and advanced technology, we use the finest materials to create visually appealing rackets that perform at the highest level. We take great care in every stage of production, ensuring that each Padel racket meets our high standards of quality, durability and reliability.

Quad Padel athlete

The athletes

We are very proud to have the best national and international Padel players by our side. Since the beginning, we have supported the great athletes of the sport, including national champions Diogo Rocha, António Luque and Catarina Vilela, and in an international perspective Tito Allemandi, 2x World Champion.