Quad Tiger Racket
Quad Tiger Racket
Quad Tiger Racket
Quad Tiger Racket
Quad Tiger Racket

Quad Tiger Racket

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Labeled as our hybrid racket, Tiger was designed in order to achieve a more round, the balanced sweet spot to satisfy all types of players! The bi-tubular frame opens from the grip with a smaller angle shorting the sweet spot area but giving it extra precision during the strike. 

The 12K tow in Tiger is a made of 12,000 fibers. With this combination we managed to achieve important properties like high tensile and compressive strengths, high modulus and low density.
Known as the skeleton of the racket, it's one of the most important detail of the racket. Determining its stability and durability, QUAD rackets include an impressive 38mm frame, composing the whole perimeter of the racket.
Hyper Soft 990Q Foam
QUAD rackets are constructed with its own designed foam. The developed technology allows the racket to absorb vibrations increasing its comfort without compromising power. Easier swings, cleaner shots!
Tear Drop
The shape of the racket determines the distribution on weight and so the of the sweet spot.