Quad Rhino Racket
Quad Rhino Racket
Quad Rhino Racket
Quad Rhino Racket
Quad Rhino Racket

Quad Rhino Racket

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Designed for aggressive players, Rhino has a teardrop shape enhancing power to each strike. With a top-pulled oversized sweet spot, it makes Rhino the ideal racket for players looking for potency.



The 3K tow (3000 filiments per fiber) fabric provides outstanding structural strength with a signature appearance that is highly desirable for modern composite parts in aerospace, auto and marine industries.

Studied during the development of the mold the vein in heart manages to accumulate almost 60% of the vibrations coming down the frame of the racket during the hit. As a result the vibrations passed on the the arm are unaccountable.
Known as the skeleton of the racket, it's one of the most important detail of the racket. Determining its stability and durability, QUAD rackets include an impressive 38mm frame, composing the whole perimeter of the racket.
Hyper Soft 990Q Foam
QUAD rackets are constructed with its own designed foam. The developed technology allows the racket to absorb vibrations increasing its comfort without compromising power. Easier swings, cleaner shots!
Tear Drop
The shape of the racket determines the distribution on weight and so the of the sweet spot.